About Mwamba

Mwamba Children's Choir was started in 2008 by Stephen Sekitende to promote talent and change lives through music. This choir.
The choir sings in 8 different languages and is composed of young children ranging from 6 to 13 years. It sings mostly Christian-based songs of hope and inspiration.
The choir released two albums in 2007 and 2008. In addition to singing, the children perform a traditional Ugandan dances and short skits.
They’ve also traveled to U.S.A, Denmark, Sweden, and U.K
During the 2008 tour in Denmark, the choir raised enough money to buy six acres of land in Uganda to build a school on.

About I am Children's Family

I Am Children's Family, founded by The Rev. Ponsiano & Susan Rwakatale in 1998, is an independent locally run and managed charity based in Kampala, Uganda working with orphaned children in need. We are currently caring for over 200 children. Many of these children have had very traumatic lives. As a result of the ongoing HIV epidermic, many children are now orphaned by the AIDS virus. Having seen their parents die, one after another, from AIDS related illness, they are either left to fend for themselves or they been taken from their homes by often unscrupulous relatives, with siblings often separated.
In the most extreme situations, children are being locked in houses by step-parents or distant relatives, and being forced to go without food. Young girls are raped and children have been left for the dead on the road and garbage dumps. Sadly there are still reports of children being kidnapped and sacrificed in witchcraft rituals. The stories are harrowing but the situation is not hopeless. The outcry has made us resolve to raise and assist these needy children with the help of our friends in Uganda and overseas.
When God begins a ministry He brings it to full perfection and will always accomplish the good work He started, We are now calling for your cooperation, so that together we can give the children a bright future. Thanks to the help of our friends in Ireland, England and the USA who have been regularly sponsoring the children, as well as providing capital for land and housing, we have been able to expand our work quickly. As part of our vision we are continuing to seek new friends who can help us move forward to help the children of Uganda.